Therapeutic Touch

This innovative ‘blended therapy’
works with the physical body and is a
unique treatment tailored to the individual


The aim is to create safety in the body. It is offered in a safe, confidential and respectful space.   The treatment occurs at your own pace.

It is achieved by combining positive non-invasive touch in the form of therapeutic massage and various healing and somatic techniques to access the body’s wisdom, thus enabling the healing process.   This encourages change that is held within the muscle memory and assists in releasing trauma that is stored within.

“The body is not the enemy, once tapped into it becomes a powerful tool in the healing process.   Our bodies are wise...”

The low cost for this service is £30 and the session lasts for 1.5 hours.

As with all of our services an initial assessment will be required prior to commencing any therapy.  This is £20 and lasts about an hour.

After your therapeutic massage Joanna will ensure that you are grounded and then you will discuss your experience and gain new understanding and awareness around your sexual trauma.